Sunday, July 15, 2018

Thank U Lord!

THANKSGIVING FOR TODAY, JULY 14, 2018: I was thinking! There are several reasons to need a kidney transplant. In my case it System Lupus Erythematosus. I was diagnosed at 18 and told I had 10 years to live. But God saw fit to bless me with a son I was told I would never have. Irvin Lee Isbell Jr has been a blessing in my life. His wife Breana Elise Isbell has been a blessing to me also. Both are strong parents. They gave me 7 Boobies. For girl from Beaumont TX who was told she would be dead at 28, I am truly blessed with a husband Irvin Isbell who loved me in college and still married me not knowing if I would have kids. His love of me and the support of my 6 close friends (@jantaylor, Phyllis Alcorn, Claretta McDaniel, @donnabapriste, Christina Jones, Leslie Landrum) and my Zeta Sisters, encouraged me to finish college, even when I kept getting sick. The first Zeta I met was Roz Thigpen She fought and got a Zeta chapter on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis. That was a great reason to stay at WASHU, become a ZETA and do lots of community Work which continued even after my graduation as a coach, etc. Never forget SOROR Beverly Fitzgerald Jacquet making us spray her cinder blocks WHITE. They sucked up the paint! Geez! We had so much fun at WashU. But the work as A Chem E major was Hard. But so worth it!!!!! Man I am running off the mouth because I am grateful for so many things!